Sunday, September 4, 2011

OM3GA on "Tron: Legacy"

I've seen "Tron: Legacy" several times prior to yesterday's afternoon viewing on TV. But I was particulary bored enough today to register my opinion...

First of all, having seen the original "Tron" - I wanted so much to like "Legacy" - but it felt like this movie was merely arranging the characters for the next Tron sequel (if Walt Disney decides as such). Why give Cillian Murphy a brief cameo as Edward Dillinger Jr, son of baddie Ed Dillinger/Sark (David Warner) from the original movie? What was the fate of Tron/Rinzler (and why the stupid helmet and odd breathing)? What made Tron/Rinzler suddenly fight for the users again and attack Clu, towards the climax of Legacy?
Too many questions....but most of all, I missed seeing the light-cycles make those amazing 90 degrees turns.

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